AMPERSAND - A Short Freestyle Skate Film



 a short freestyle skateboarding film featuring one of Canada's (and now Japan's) top riders, Ryan Brynelson.

This BYCCOLLECTIVE Original Short was dreamt up by Marc Whitelaw & Ryan Brynelson back in 2013. In the film we follow Ryan skating on an early summer morning to a flatland area in Stanley Park B.C, or I guess we should say: something follows him...

Trying to stick as close to a classic freestyle skate film as possible, this short film will keep your hunger, for all things freestyle, at bay… plus give you an extra nugget of magic to bite off at the end!

Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments!

As with the nature of the BYC Collective, Ampersand was created outside of core studio hours, by a group of friends who are currently working in the worlds of: Production, Animation, Visual Effects & Sound Design for TV, Film, Gaming and Web Based Industries.

This project was created without a faint hint of any budget and was funded by the pure stoke and excitement we all have for our respective industries. It was this joy combined with our passion for action sports that inspired us to create something a little different.

Finally we just wanted to thank everyone who was involved in the production! To all of the 3D artists who helped bring OLI the robot to life, we cannot thank you enough for all of your long hours! Stephanie Wood, Shibu Mathew, Amir Ronen, Andrew Paxson & Nathan Sam you guys are all legends!

Thank you to Brightside Cinema, gear rentals Vancouver, and Jan Klompje for being so helpful on set and bringing the best in Red Digital Cinema gear & knowledge!

Finally, a massive thank you to Frequency Farm Studios from Cape Town, South Africa for the final soundtrack for the film! Written by: Etienne Van Wyk and remixed by Ryan Whitelaw & Julian Van Wyk, you guys outdid yourselves and the score is better than we had ever hoped for!

If you enjoyed the music, Download the Original Remixed Track below:

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